Placement of the first Omni node:

The first Omni node must be connected to your wired internet connection. 

  • If your internet connection is located behind the TV bench, we recommend that you place the first Omni node high up. 
  • If your internet connection is located in a technical room / cabinet with metal, we recommend that you place the first Omni outside, and high up.  Metal cabinets shield wireless signals very well, and are therefore a bad location. 

Location of remaining Omni nodes: 

The remaining Omni nodes can be placed around the home. In order for the Omni system to work as well as possible, we recommend the following: 

  • Imagine that the signals between the nodes should have as unobstructed a path as possible. 
  • Free view of the area will cover 
  • Place the nodes as open and high up as possible 
  • Avoid "wrapping" the nodes by placing them in drawers, cabinets, rear TVs, behind sofas, etc. 
  • If you are going to place the Omni nodes on different floors, think about the type of materials between the floors.  Placement in the stairwell can be a good tip. 

Examples of bad / wrong placement:

  • Behind furniture (eg sofa, sideboard, etc.) 
  • On the floor 
  • In a drawer / cabinet 
  • In the TV bench / next to the TV decoder 
  • Fuse box / Technical cabinet made of metal 
  • Close by concrete / brick wall 

What is it that affects and / or hinders the signals? 

Every type of obstruction in a home affects the wireless signals to some degree. In general, the heavier / thicker walls / constructions the signals have to go through, the greater the signal loss. 

  • In cases where wireless signals are to go between floors, waterborne heat and / or heating cables may interfere. 
  • In homes with thick concrete / masonry walls, the signal will be significantly lost. 
  • Other wireless networks (from neighbors) 
  • Own wireless network. If your internet modem is equipped with WiFi, this could interfere with the signals to the Omni system, and we therefore recommend that you turn this off / off on your modem. If so, contact your ISP for assistance.