A smart and stylish Wifi camera  with night-vision and FREE 7 day video cloud storage of motion-activated HD video clips. Designed for simple installation without the need for holes to be drilled or wires to the sensors.

  • Evo Indoor HD Wi-Fi Security Camera
  • FREE 7 day video cloud storage1
  • Safe and Secure
  • Quick & Easy set up
  • Relevant Notifications
  • Access on the go


How to Install Indoor HD Camera

  • Turn on bluetooth on cellphone

In the app:

  • Hamburger-menue → Cameras

    • Click configure-wheel(manage cameras)

    • Add new camera with the +.

    • Choose y-cam EVO

  • Plug your camera into a power source

    • Please ensure you are close to the camera(<10m) 

    • Wait for the LED to turn solid blue

  • Click next to scan for camera

    • Select the camera with corresponding camera id. (front of quick start guide or on the back of the camera)

  • Click next to connect to wifi

    • Choose wifi and fill in password

  • Checking camera status

    • Wait for solid green LED and click next.

How to configure Indoor HD Camera

  • Hamburger-menue → Cameras

  • Click configure-wheel(manage cameras)

  • Choose configure for the camera

    • Set Camera name

    • Choose timezone

    • Audio

      • On/off

    • Motion recordings

      • On/off

    • Night vision: 

      • On/off/auto

    • Stream quality: 

      • Standard/High definition

    • Wi-fi settings: 

      • Click to setup

    • Motion zones: 

      • Click to setup

  • Click apply to save settings for camera

Resetting(deletion) is needed if you want to connect your camera to another gateway or if you need to perform a factory reset to remove abnormal behavior.

  1. Hold a clip(or similar) in the hole on the left for 10-15 seconds until the LED blinks red. 

  2. To be able to add the camera to a new gateway you also MUST remove the camera from the app so the camera are not registered to the cloud .

    • Hamburger-menue → Cameras

      • Click configure-wheel(manage cameras)

      • choose configure for the camera you wish to delete.

      • Press delete camera


  • Error! camera with id already in use

    • Remove from app to remove cloud-connection, try again

  • Green LED

    • Online

  • Green LED blinking

    • Sending video

  • No Led light

    • Power are not on

  • Red LED

    • This generally means the camera is offline and is attempting to establish a connection to our servers.

      • Your camera has only just been switched on(<5min)

      • The camera may be unable to connect to your network

      • Your Internet connection may be offline

      • Check your Wi-Fi network is working – can other devices access the Internet?

      • Is your internet speed or network being used for something else? Internet TV, torrents or other heavy usage may temporarily affect connectivity.

      • Try turning the camera off – remove the plug at the wall, wait 10 seconds, then reconnect – after 60 seconds or so, does the camera reconnect?

      • Try rebooting your router - this can help restore your camera’s Internet connection.

      • Check that your camera is in range of your Wi-Fi network – temporarily move it closer and see if this makes a difference.

    • WEP are not recommended on the router, WPA or WPA2 are to be used for optimal performance.