Smoke sensor and alarm with an additional temperature sensor.

How to Install/Pair a Smoke alarm

  • Open the casing of the device. 

  • Start the search in the app

  • Insert the enclosed battery into the device and close the casing. 

  • The Smoke Alarm will start searching (up to 15 minutes) for a network to join.Skärmklipp 2017-10-01 11.31.41.png

  • While searching for a ZigBee network, the LED button on the back of the Smoke Alarm is flashing.

• If the scanning has timed out, a short press on the LED button will restart it.
NOTE: If the LED stops flashing for more than ten seconds, and a short press on the button does not restart it, the Smoke Alarm has successfully joined a network. 

How to configure an Smoke alarm

  • Click configure on the Smoke alarm after scanning for new devices

  • Set the device name

  • Add the device to a room

    • Select the room you want from the list or add a new room

Configure the smoke alarm function:

  • Set the application: Security 

Configure the temperature sensor:

  • The temperature sensor can only be used as a generic type.

Reset the smoke alarm

  1. Detach the alarm from the mounting base by twisting it counterclockwise. 

  2. Press and hold the LED button 10-15 seconds until it flashes continuously. 

  3. Release the button.

  4. Resetting process is complete when the 

LED starts to blink.


  • Front led flashes every 45 seconds - the device is operating as normal.

  • Audible signal and front led  flash every 45 seconds (synchronously)  - the battery needs replacement.

  • Audible signal and front led flash every 45 seconds (asynchronously)  - the device must be replaced..

  • Siren sounds and front led flashes continuously - The alarm has been triggered. You can suppress the alarm for 10 minutes by pressing the button/top of the alarm, allowing time to ventilate the smoke.

  • Red led at the back of the device is flashing every second - The device is searching for a gateway.

  • The smoke alarm is not found during scan - follow the reset routine and try to scan for the device again.